the fragrance of fulfillment.

spring walked in and out of the room every week a new tree or bush or plant is in blossom. nearly every afternoon builds up to a thick heat, broken and released with warm rain. each day I am sitting with Presence learning to listen.  Presence asked me in these past few months to let […]

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Waiting Rooms.

I’ve been to the immigration office here in Budapest five times now for various reasons. The first time I went, I was accompanied by my friend and colleague from the Diakonia offices, Panka. We stood for about a half an hour in a line until we were told that we were standing in the wrong […]

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edesszájú – sweet mouth.

You know that feeling? That feeling when you exist outside of your body and you observe your movements, see yourself from a distance and take a harsh breath in, realizing that you have become someone who consumes love like a forbidden, dangerous thing. Somewhere in the past few years of lost love, heartbreak, grief and […]

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Flora, Fauna & Fellowship.

“How’s your Hungarian?” To be honest, I’m not taking formal lessons or participating in a language exchange program yet; the community in which I get to use my language skills the most is with my students at Fasor Lutheran School. In the English classes, it’s a source of encouragement for the students to see me […]

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“Majdnem” – Almost.

  In the village of Görögszallas, after an incredibly delicious lunch of stuffed cabbage at the Roma church, our group had the privilege of visiting with some of the local families in their homes. My group went to Csaba and Anita’s home – Csaba is the professional gardener of the villages’ stunning greenhouse and garden, […]

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